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Crafty Puzzle Game Happy Glass Sit At The Apex Of Free Mobile Games

Lion Studios, a game development company headquartered California, is a company famous for publishing popular mobile games that are colourful and entertaining. One of their games, Happy Glass, was launched in the latter parts of 2018 for mobile use. Eventually, shortly thereafter, an online version of the game was launched. Among Lion Studios top selling games, Happy Glass has previously placed #1 on Play Store’s free to play games of 2018. Even though game is largely targeted for a younger audience, it can still be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

The premise of the game is actually fairly easily understandable. There is a sad glass and it can turn into a “Happy Glass” when it receives the water that it needs. Players can achieve the goal of the game by drawing a line that steers the water toward the sad glass. In all levels, there are many challenges incorporated which makes each level progressively harder. Additionally, the sad glass has to be correctly filled to more info turn it into a happy glass, a lot or too little water will still make it sad. Accordingly, the players will likely then have to redo the exact level.

When viewing Happy Glass for the first time, some players will probably think it is a super easy game. Nevertheless, like what was said earlier, there are always new obstacles in every level to consistently make things more stimulating. There are also 500 now available levels that may encourage players to finish all of their levels in order to access new ones. Fortunately, there are more mind boggling puzzles and goals ahead. In each level, there are corresponding star ratings. The highest is three and players may get the maximum rating by finishing the levels by drawing the least amount of lines and finishing the trial as fast as possible. Moreover, there are also different mechanics to add more complexity in the game. There things like immovable objects, movable objects, spinning objects, hot surfaces, areas that cannot be drawn on, multiple glasses, multiple spouts for the water, and different glass directions.

In addition to those things, there are also cosmetic items in the game. Cosmetics items are metagame additions that have been proven to keep players’ attention. The very first cosmetics is for the water, where 15 colors are offered and sold for 1000 coins each. The glass also has 11 different faces that can be changed from 150 to 4000 coins. Finally, the pencils also have 10 cosmetics of its own worth 150 to 2000 coins. By fully watching certain in-game advertisements or purchasing through real money, players can get coins. Lastly, there are also mini games that are played through the advertisements. The mini games are largely chance based games where players can get a random amount of coins. These various qualities of the game are perfectly interwoven by the matching graphics and sounds of Happy Glass that can only be described as appropriately cute. Players would hear the distinct pencil sounds while drawing on a level.

Even if Happy Glass is a kid’s game, its features make it a very fun game for gamers of every age group.

Never Become Bored Again Any Time You Play Some Random And Perhaps Crazy Games

No matter what, video games have been highly criticized for their effects on different individuals. Because of the current situation around the world, gatherings are restricted or even prohibited while going out and doing fun things are getting harder compared to what is usually done before the pandemic. Some people are looking for different ways because of this to keep themselves from going crazy and forget their worries for quite some time.

To help combat such a form of social isolation, a lot of people are now turning to video games to maintain social distancing and just stay at home for the time being. And when you say video games, you are referring to online games that can be played by different users even if they are from different places and they can’t go out and bond with each other. These are also a great option for families who want to spend time together and have some fun without having to spend more just like when they have to go out and go somewhere else.

Take your time to become a self-quarantine gamer while you collapse deep in your comfort zone and enjoy some video games that might interest you. Unlike others, there are also some rewards for this kind of investment although these games are known to consume much of your valuable hours. While you can sit a little straighter in front of your desktop or mobile phone or as you hold your game consoles, y you can try some of the games listed below.

Old School RuneScape

Play the Old School RuneScape game if you want to feel a bit nostalgic with the elements of the once-popular RuneScape. It is your kind of game that has a unique combination of intricate mechanics of the modern open-world fantasy MMORPG and the classic point-and-click gameplay of the early MMOs. It has a mobile version with an innovative cross-platform approach so you can play it in any comfortable spot that you have.


Because sports events were postponed and we don’t know when they will resume, it’s better to try sports video games at home to at least feel some live action. Among the sports simulation games that came out this year, NBA20K is by far the best. You can have the ultimate team in the MyTeam game mode when you play the game and collect cards of your favorite players then you can take it to the court to play in the MyCareer mode. You can also take your team and play throughout the season in preparation for the MyLeague where you can take the Larry O’Brien trophy.


It helps to involve kids in activities that foster bonding for all ages because no one can deny the fact that they are also as bored as the adults these days. As a casual game, Poptropica can be enjoyed both kids and adults because it has various activities that can be done together. Play some of the arcade games against other players and create your identity when you customize your character and avatar.


Play the game of Minecraft to show your building skills and creativity in Minecraft because it lets you do just about anything that you like. Visit different Minecraft landscapes where you can explore, build, mine, and battle to gain resources that you can use in your projects. The versatile game can be played it in every platform available, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.


Fortnite has taken the world of gaming by storm because of its popular gameplay and the dances that avatars can perform, which led it to still be one of the top choices among gamers today. In one of its popular game modes called Battle Royale, up to 100 players can play on their own, in a duo, or a team of up to four members. In this elimination mode, there should only be one left standing after all the enemies have been eliminated using the items, weapons, and vehicles they have found in the game.

Aim Trainer

Aim Trainer could be the game for you if you have a problem playing the first-person shooter games because you are not good at aiming and shooting properly. Download and play it on your mobile devices and improve your aim and shooting with the help of a sniper rifle. You can also customize the scopes that you prefer to use while you get to enjoy many features and game modes.

Clash Royale

Play the real-time multiplayer game called Clash Royale and take your strategy to the next level with your favorite Royales and Clash characters when you. It is one game that has a perfect combination of tower defense games, collectible card games, and https://sites.google.com/view/old-school-runescape-pc the core gameplay structure of MOBA. When you have collected as many cards as you can, you can upgrade your deck to gain spells and defenses and you can use these to knock the enemies in their towers.

ABCya! Games

With the current situation, parents are hesitant to send their children back to school while the opening of classes has been postponed or even canceled in other places because of the risk of being exposed to the deadly virus. ABCya.com is an educational gaming website that is safe for kids to use and it can help them continue their academic learning and enhance other aspects of their education. However, you need a subscription or account to access more than 250 games and activities as well as regular fresh content to improve various skills.

Most kids are already exposed to any type of gadgets these days, which both has advantages and disadvantages. The ongoing quarantine has also led them to turn to these devices just to keep them entertained because they can’t go out and play even in their yard. Because their daily lives used to require them to go out, the adults also have the same experience. There is no doubt that sanity has been greatly tested for several months already.

Thanks to these video games that are already accessible and can be played in almost any type of device. Because people have a lot of free time, they already have something to do while stuck inside their home.

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Gacha life

The java games might be put in in a pc, mobile phone or even a gaming console. The compatibility of participating in video games boosts the efficiency of these types of gizmos. These games could be quickly downloaded from the web once the units are connected to The online. Individuals can easily surf the net and go to various Internet sites to download files from the world wide web. sites.google.com/view/forge-of-empires-pc The java cell online games are significant definition types and might be played on cell phones. This kind of online games can certainly be installed on mobiles. These game titles can be transferred from one mobile to a different or downloaded straight from The web.

The icons displayed even though actively playing the games have Totally sensible resolution they usually get shown as shadows and shiny icons. Additionally, the video games are supported by one of a kind and enlightening content material and which allows the people to monitor just about every phase of the game which is becoming played. What's more, the video games video games are supplied appealing tiles that allows the end users to search for their favorite video games pretty conveniently.

These games can even be mounted in products that do not have big memory guidance. This will make the java mobile video games additional appropriate to be used for amusement applications. Laptops, desktop pcs along with other devices is often utilised for taking part in the java games. On the other hand, an excellent resolution monitor boosts the gaming practical experience.

This kind of game titles are available free of Value and are offered by various Web sites. It is an effective source of entertainment and other people can make full use of it inside their leisure time for enjoyment explanations. The person finds joy inside their life and might get rid of tensions by participating in these game titles. They really function a anxiety buster. When it can be to become downloaded from the web, the person finds the choice to visit several Web-sites and pick the finest online games.

The connection involving holidays and cellular online games appear to be A lot nearer than it offers seemingly. Cell game titles are thought to Express a lot about gamers' individuality and interest, more in excess of, about festive ambiance too. Designers spare no hard work to develop batches of new mobile games about holidays to become well timed. Halloween, St. Valentine's Working day and xmas are taken into consideration Gacha life as the themes of accent cellphone assets, especially the source of mobile online games.

 Being an eerie festivity, Halloween is noticed in the united states and Europe on October 31st of a 12 months. Standing for All Hallows Day or All Saints Working day, Halloween was initially a pagan Pageant from the useless, but later turned a holiday to honor Christian Saints. Because vampires, ghosts and werewolves are the typical functions of dressing up, they absolutely develop into indispensable elements of Halloween cellular games. Numerous mobile online games, like "six Fears", "Eyes in the Dark", "Thursday the 12th", set very good examples of combining those stimulating and dreadful factors collectively.

 Mobile game titles of St. Valentine's Working day are intended to develop a sweet and intimate ambiance to players in the course of their activities. To generally be wake up to the appreciate dangers, is the sport "Dangerous Adore" so miraculous, as its introduction states, that can help gamers to make certain regardless if you are in search of like, identified enjoy or shed your like? It's possible It can https://sites.google.com/view/akinator-pc be true, it's possible not. All we can easily be sure is the fact that actively playing "Cats in Love", "Matching Hearts" and any other Valentines online games delivers a terrific Pleasure to us.

 Santa Claus need to be the favored major job in a variety of Christmas game titles. The purpose is proved by The point that bottle flip "Santa Gown-up Puzzle" acquired a substantial obtain quantity at the time introduced, whilst "Jingle Many of the Way" uncovered favor in gamers' eyes right after released.

 In excess of catering to players' option and Choices, the cell game of vacations provides a novel System to celebrate People festivals via participating in them. Men and women differ in their preferences of mobile video games, but holiday seasons online games are prone to be the universal amusement that most buyers wish to Have got a test. Certainly, it is appealing to establish extra and newer cell game titles to meet the rising requires of end users.

Participate In The Exciting Forge Of Empires Soccer Event And Gain Lots Of Prizes

When you are into Kings and Lords while you are also considering empires of different ages, it’s time for you to try Forge of Empires. start building your own City that you can develop into a vast empire. The strategy game allows you to be a ruler who'll take control of a City and be responsible to keep it safe and peaceful. You also must construct buildings as well as research for new technologies so as to unlock functions to upgrade and develop your City. Resources are needed before you do your research and the game provides several ways to earn funds you can use for the upgrades. You also need to save plenty of resources so you can purchase any update that you need. Find specific tools and materials that can help to improve your troops and armies in order to boost your City’s defense against attacks or you can conquer new territories also.

Since 2016, Forge of Empires or FoE held its annual Soccer Event and the come back of the men’s game this year has a bit of changes as compared to the previous years. For instance, it is currently separated into a training section (event A) https://s3.amazonaws.com/forge-of-empires/index.html#kbase and the newly introduced tournament section (event B), where each one offers a different daily special. Additionally, the League system is back but the tournament’s results will only add up to your progress.

Soccer Fanatics Celebrate!

Source: Forge of Empires Website

Drive your team from the training arena to the tournament arena in order to achieve a victory and earn awesome prizes. The training arena will allow you to choose how to pass the ball from one player to another so it can get to the opposite side and shoot it to the goal of the opposing team. Passing the ball is a hard work to do but you get to earn rewards from various options for making every pass, such as the possiblity to get the Daily Specials or player cards that will unlock new players while you also get to advance to the next step and earn the desired goal reward. However, you'll also spend some of your Energy Drinks for every pass that you make since you ought to replenish your energy to be able to continue playing. You can get more of the drinks when you complete more quests or, every so often, you can find a small in regular incidents in your City.

Get into the tournament arena to challenge players from other teams then get your spot in the global rankings and you can do by choosing the match difficulty, which can be easy, medium and hard. The next you should do is to select the best team that can defeat your opponent by having the best player combination to increase your chances of winning. You need to take into account the player’s strengths and weakness along with their positions in the field. When you're done, click on the button on the middle of the screen to find out the match results.

You will use one tournament ticket every time you play a match and you can replenish this after some time or you can complete quests as well as obtain them in regular incidents in your City. You will earn ranking points every time you win a match that could determine your global rankings while you will also get a reward chest that will depend on the level of difficulty that you select and the chest will give you the opportunity to win the tournament Daily Special. The tournament and training Daily Special differ from one another so you have to play in both events and aim for two different daily special prizes.


Coming with this particular update is the first iteration of an upgradable main reward buildings, the Hippodrome Carceres and the Hippodrome Sphendone, which equal to a full Hippodrome! A Hippodrome is a Roman Stadium used for wild chariot or horse races.

The sections are modular, meaning you could add unlimited track sections to extend your Hippodrome! Besides visual control, it also adds nice buffs to your empire according to which kind of track you use: The Leukoi Track for forge points, The Rusioi Track for army defense, and finally the Ventoi Track for goods.

Some more aesthetic upgrades were added. For example, the Hall of Fame has been refurbished, and both Hall of Fame and Winners plaza can now be upgraded to level 2 through their upgrade kits. In addition to that, Soccer themed Profile portraits could be gained by finishing the questline or gained as unique prizes for the Gold League.

Make sure to do your best in both the training and tournament area since other players are also aiming for victory and a place in the global rankings. Furthermore, since only some players can stay on top, be sure that you continue to play and win to keep your position. The event has lots of rewards waiting for you so take the chance and join to earn prices and goods that can help you to keep your City strong and safe.

What’s Up For Grabs For You In Mobilelegends Bb?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or simply Mobile Legends, has become a new mobile Mobile Legends eSports masterpiece in Southeast Asia with its growing popularity in the region. It’s time to be part of the huge trend amongst the biggest fans of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. With the primary objective to damage the base of the opponent, each team is composed of 5 players. The game will begin after each player has selected its hero, that has a distinctive set of features and skills.

At present, there are 95 heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, as it is also fondly called, and these are grouped into Six different roles, including from supports, tanks, fighters, assassins, mages and marksmen. Using these several roles, each player will have a determined part in their particular teams during the game. For instance, a support hero can buff or heal its teammates so it should stay with its allies in order to keep them alive or strong during the battle.

It is important for each player in the team to level up their heroes and they can do this if they defeat enemy forces, specially the minions, turrets, and heroes that s3.amazonaws.com/mobile-legends-pc/category/knowledge-base/index.html is controlled by the computer. When a player does this strategy, he can earn in-game money so he can acquire items that will boost the stats of their heroes. Usually, a game could last between 10 and 15 minutes as players employ tactical controls to combat their way to victory. Anyone would really wonder however why plenty of players can even stay up all night to play the game. For one thing, if players are already finished with one round, they can still join a new game in just ten seconds and quickly finish another match for 10 to 15 minutes so that they could level up.

Credits: Mobile Legends


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Games are now a staple in human entertainment. It is a culmination of various art forms coming together to form one unified experience. This blog will show you where and how to get the latest and greatest games and perhaps a few tricks along the way. All the games listed will be reviewed for their worth. This will not be limited to any platform mobile, windows, mac or even for Google Chrome. You can download them too so you can see for yourself! I’ll https://games.lol also be sharing some pointers and tricks on specific games that I find throughout the internets.

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